Is Chocolate Good for You?

The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Based on medical study findings, dark chocolate is indeed healthy. The image of chocolate, and especially dark chocolate may now change for good. Many chocolate lovers will be pleased to hear about the many health benefits of chocolate!

Chocolate is good for you

Well, in the past, we were getting excited about the potential health benefits of chocolate, but now we have the outcomes of scientific  research. 

The medical research studies have confirmed that dark chocolate has more health and nutrition advantages than milk chocolate or white chocolate. The two latter types contain more fat and sugar, that’s why they are less healthy. 

Dark chocolate, sometimes also called semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate, can improve mood, sleep and can act as a mild antidepressant as it enhances serotonin production. 

Do you feel like having some chocolate after a bad day? Have you too discovered that you just feel better and happier after having some chocolate? Well, now we have the scientific explanation for this. 

Five chocolate health facts you want to know 

Mood booster and blood circulation improvement 

Apart from making us feel more relaxed and boosting our emotional state, chocolate improves blood vessels flexibility and blood circulation as well as may prevent heart conditions. 


Next key finding confirms that cocoa provides healthy nutrients that can help cancer prevention. Cocoa contains natural antioxidants which eliminate free radicals from your system. Moreover, the antioxidants decrease pain and stiffness brought on by joint inflammation. 

Researchers also found that cocoa contains flavonoids (epicatechins and catechins) which fight free radicals in your body and they boost your natural immunity. So consuming chocolate with high cocoa content can make you healthier! 

Vitamins and minerals

We normally consider sweets as something unhealthy, so who would have thought that chocolate 

Can be nutritious! And it has even more good stuff in it. Chocolate contains minerals such as iron and magnesium. Vitamin B found in chocolate can enhance your brain and body function. 


Can chocolate increase cholesterol? You might have heard the claim that it does. In fact, the opposite is true as eating dark chocolate can reduce cholesterol levels. Although chocolate contains fats and cholesterol, they are the good type which does not have a negative influence on insulin production. 

Can you become diabetic eating chocolate?

No, if you consume it in moderation and go for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is actually a good choice for diabetics as it’s low in carbohydrates. 

Final note

I hope these facts will make you feel less guilty when eating your favourite chocolate! However, bear in mind that all those health benefits of chocolate don’t mean that you should start binging on chocolate now. Nothing in excess is good for you. As long as you maintain it modest, consuming chocolate is completely healthy and balanced.

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