How is Handmade Chocolate Produced?

Is it difficult to make handmade chocolate?

The production of handmade chocolate is a complex, many-stage process which demands a lot of knowledge and skill.

To receive top quality delicious chocolates, the proportions of different ingredients need to be right and a chocolate maker needs to use only high quality ingredients. Typically chocolate is made from cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, pondered milk and various spices to enrich the flavour. Here is the role they play in chocolate making.

Cacao Mass

This is obviously the most important ingredient which determines the quality of chocolate. The higher the cocoa mass content, the more bitter and stronger chocolate gets but it will be less sweet as there will be a smaller proportion of sugar.

Cacao Butter

Chocolate butter is a type of fat extracted from cocoa beans and it has a characteristic flavour. It binds and stabilises the ingredients adding a smooth texture and sheen to chocolates.

Crystal Sugar

Depending on the type of chocolate, it typically contains between 30% and 55% of sugar. Needless to explain that it gives the sweet taste, but mixed with butter it makes a highly palatable combination.

Milk Powder

Milk powder creates the unique flavour of milky chocolate and adds its specific aroma. Chocolate makers usually use it instead of milk to avoid adding water to chocolate but get all other ingredients from milk.

Other ingredients adding taste

Specific ingredients such as caramel, vanilla, cynnamon or other spices enrich the taste of your favourite chocolates. They all make it more exciting and provide a huge ground for creativity and new recipies.

Proportions in different recipes

The proportions vary in the three basic types of chocolate: dark, milk and white chocolate. The percentages may differ between different recipes, but these are generally the contents.

Dark chocolate

60% or more cocoa mass
$0% or les sugar

Milk chocolate

10% cocoa mass
25% cocoa butter
25% powdered milk
40% butter

White chocolate

40% cocoa butter
25% milk powder
0% cocoa powder
35% sugar

The process of making handmade chocolate


As mentioned before, in handmade chocolate the quality of ingredients is very important, but what makes a real difference is the choice of proportions in creating recipes and the finesse of preparation.


It takes three days to complete the part of the process. Chocolate makers refine chocolate in conches, heat it up to bring it to the liquid form. After that they will work with chocolate to create various shapes and in the meantime the chocolate is stored in the liquid form at a temperature of 40 – to 50°C.


Chocolate is cooled and heated up again in stages: first cooled to 27°C, then warmed up again to 37°C. Thanks to this chocolate becomes glossy on the surface, it snaps but also melts softly, looking and tasting great.

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